My latest book, Everyday Virtues: Classic Tales to Read with Kids, was
co-authored with my son, Rick.

How Better to teach "kind-hearted virtues" than through the oldest and most enduring teaching tools know to humankind: stories

Though our world has developed many technical means to tell stories, there is no better way in the world to reach the imaginations of children than through the voice of a respected and beloved adult.  And, frankly, there is no better way for that adult to connect with the child than by reading a story.

A collection of stories gleaned from the world's folk tale traditions, the book is divided into six virtues - compassion, justice, respect, humility, freedom, and courage.

"This book is intended to give parents, grandparents, and other caregivers a valuable tool in luring kids, even for a short while, away from their digital obsessions" - co-author, Rick Autry. 

Information about other books coming soon.